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Q: I have no Windows PC, is there another a possibility to connect to the USB64 bootloader and program an new firmware ?

A: Yes, Mac OS X  .... comming soon

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Q: Did I need a special device driver for the USB port

A: No, the device driver should be already on your computer in your current operating system.

The so called   'Universal Serial Bus Device Class for Midi Devices'. Read the  document USB Midi Devices 1.0 for more infos.

Tested operating systems that should work with USB64


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Known problems

Open Inputs and USB

If you connect the board over USB to you computer (maybe for a first basic test)  and some or all inputs are unused/open, the computer maybe will not recognize the board correctly and also not install the  'usb midi class device driver'.

Avoid open inputs. You cannot use USB before you have connected all inputs to a logical legal level.
Firmware version 1.2    (optimized handling of open inputs - scanning is stopped during USB arbitration)

Windows Vista  -  Works on some computers not properly.

On some computers with Windows Vista operating system the build in  ' USB Midi Device Class' driver did not work properly.
The device is identified  correctly , the driver 'usb audio device' is startet.
But later on in the device manager shows an exclamation mark and windows said that device will not work correct.

Should work better with  Firmware version 1.2  

Is it possible to put f.e.  two of these units in a box and then have the ability to control 128 midi paramters?
Yes this is no problem.
If you connect two (or more) devices to the PC they will establish as 2 (more)  different mididevices from which you can receive midievents from.
A planned feature (not yet in the firmware) the plan is that you can cascade device over the midi ports of the usb64, as you could with older devices. But this method has some drawbacks compared the solution over usb. So it's  not shure that we'll really  implement this. Future will show ;-)

If I connect this to the laptop, will the laptop have the necessary power to run both of these units through 2 USB slots, with a third usb device (sound card)?
You have to try.
This mainly depends  which sensors you'll connect to the 64 input and from where you power them.
The usb64 main board without any sensors will  consume  around 40 milliap.
So it's always possible to power it from usb.

F.e. if  you use 50k Lin Pots each USB64 will take around 7mA of power , say max 14mA for 2 units  just to power the controls .

If your sensors need more power that the usb port can deliver, you can use for each usb64 an external power supply - or - better I think - just use an external powered usb hub to connect the two usb64.

How does the laptop know which USB64 is controlling it? If I run two USB64s, will the computer get confused as to where the control signal is coming from?
In windows XP no problem.
If you connect a usb64 to the computer,  it will be establish as a usbmidi device with a base name and then a number.
F .e.   first device will be shown in your midiprogram f.e  as 'usb audio device'  and the second   'usb audio device (2)' and so on.
Don't be confused that it's called  'audio device' - this is because it's from the usb definition seen as an audio device - also if it only has a midi port.
This is for Windows XP.

Vista now show's the real name of the device - in this case 'USB ADC 64',  but unfortunate did not number them.
The computer will be not confused, because he had two different midi devices, but it's difficult then for the user to indentify them.
So it seems we had to make for the future different firmware versions with different names, so that they can be identified in midi programs.
Thanks Vista :-(

For all  MAC OS versions we have no experience.
Last changes 25. Match  2011s