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1.0 usb64_V1.00_221007_c.hex(*)
First delivered version  (V1.0)
1.2 (1) usb64_v1.20_080508_c.hex
or  also as an self extracting zip-file,
if you maybe have problems to download the .hex-file
Second delivered version

  • Should now also work with Windows Vista with fewer problems. (Hopefully also with Mac Leopard )
  • Optimised scanning of the 64 inputs
  • Should now better establish the USB port, also when you have some open inputs.
  • Some internal optimizations

Deliverd since  June 08
1.3 (2) usb64_V1.30_fw_c_090730.hex

ATTENTION: If you update an 'older' V1.0/V1.2 hardware  - sold till approx. beginning-midth 2010 - then you also need the hardware modification described here   USB64_tec_hw_mod2.pdf  otherwise your USB64 will no longer connect to USB correctly!

Third delivered version - also the hardware has some modifications

  • Midi input is enabled - events received here are merged to the internal midi events of the USB64
  • Hardware detection if USB is connected - result in much more stable and funtional USB connections.

If you still have the hardware modifications on your board, then you have the V1.3 firmware in your USB64 and it's not necessary to update the firmware.
Deliverd since approx.march 2010

(1) 1.2  This update is only for older devices, which were deliverd with JP13,JP12,JP15   ( please look into the current manual for the newer USB64 V1.3  f.e. page 7,15 to see the difference and identify your USB64 type).
You should update only older devices ( without the modifications described in the manual on the pages 7,15) with the firmware V1.2.

Newer V1.3 devices still have the V1.3 firmware and V1.2 is included in V1.3 , so an update with V1.2 on V1.3 devices would not make much sense.


For V1.3 you need a little hardware modification.

That is because a free input pin of the processor is now used by the firmware to test and recognized, if a usb connector is attached to the board or not ( so that it can activate it's usb drivers only if needed - which optimizes performance and usb arbitration ) ...

This is done at the position where V1.0/V1.2 USB64  hardware has it’s jumpers  JP12/JP15.

Detailed informations you find here USB64_tec_hw_mod2.pdf.

Last change  21. Nov  2011